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Slaapkops consists of 3 certified sleep coaches and have followed the training at the Institute of Pediatric Sleep & Parenting. Anne-Mieke, Tamara and Glynis each have their own specialism and in addition, all three have had to deal with sleeping problems in their own way.

For example, Tamara has two children who themselves woke up about 10-15 times a night. Anne-Mieke also has a daughter who has not slept for 4 years. Glynis is the mother of three children, one of whom has also used sleep coaching. We know what it's like to have sleepless nights for years, but we also know that there is a solution.

We offer a loving approach to help your child to sleep well again!

Tamara Kops

My name is Tamara Kops, born in 1992 and the mother of Marciano (June 2018) and Yara (January 2020). 2 sweet children who did not like sleep that much and for whom we hired a sleep coach. The effect was immediately noticeable and I thought all parents should know this! I like to help children and families develop good sleeping habits. I am ready for you and coach you through this period on the way to a better night's sleep.

Anne-Mieke de Boer

My name is Anne-Mieke de Boer and I was born in 1964. Mother of 2 children and grandmother of 3 grandchildren. My daughter did not sleep for 4 years when she was little, I wish sleep coaching existed then! What a godsend for all moms and dads who are so hard for sleep and of course for the babies who desperately need their rest to develop. How can I help you?

Glynis Engelen

My name is Glynis Engelen, born in 1988. I myself have 3 children and their sleeping habits remained one of my biggest interests. With my third child I decided to become who I needed then, I turned my child into a sleepyhead by means of a sleep coach. I like to give you handles, put you in your strength and give you support through the knowledge and experience I have. I would like to help you in a loving way and give your family peace again.

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