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Sleep coach Baby and Child

Sleep is necessary in order to grow and develop properly. During sleep, the body recovers and the child processes the day. Because the body and mind recovers, it can continue to grow and develop. It is therefore very important to be able to sleep well. Some babies and children have trouble falling asleep or wake up often at night. That is not surprising at all, because sleeping is a skill you have to learn! Do you also want to work on sleep together? Then contact us and we will get to work together.

Slaapcoach baby
  • Better sleep for parent and child
  • Encourage development and growth
  • More insight into sleeping behavior
  • Tailor-made sleep plan
  • Coaching during the process

Sleep coach services

Sleep coaching Consult
€ 195
  • Intake form
  • Log
  • 60 minutes telephone consultation
  • Tailor-made sleep plan
  • Sleep information
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Sleep coaching Extensive
€ 395
  • Intake + Logbook
  • 60 minutes telephone consultation
  • Tailor-made sleep plan + sample schedules
  • Sleep information
  • 2 weeks of guidance with unlimited email contact
  • 30 minutes intermediate telephone conversation
  • 30 minutes telephone rounding call
€ 17,50
  • Sleep background information
  • Sleep information by age
  • Methods to teach your child to sleep independently
  • Question round


We sleep! After 7 months of short and broken nights. Thanks to sleep tips and insight into waking time, we now have a daughter who falls asleep peacefully and can resume her own sleep at night. These ladies know their business and have a heart for the (sleep) business. The approach is professional and personal. I recommend the feeling of personal attention and a clear method to everyone. I wish I had discovered Slaapkops earlier. I wish everyone with small children a good night's sleep, so I recommend sleeping heads!
– Mama van Nora (7 months)
So nice that after the Slaapkops webinar you know where to start to let your newborn sleep independently. Tamara explains everything very nicely and calmly and gives good tips. There is also room for questions. Goodnight!
– Mama of Jada (3 months)
Our son absolutely did not want to be in his own bed and had been sleeping in our bed for six months. We had tried everything but we couldn't remember. We asked for help from Slaapkops. And Glynis has been a great help to us. We had a very clear plan and got to work immediately. We are now 5 days later and our son is sleeping in his own bed without crying or drama. We have to stay with it until he sleeps, but we will also be able to reduce it. Thank you very much !!
– Mama van Lev (14 months)

Sleep coaching by Slaapkops

During a sleep process at Slaapkops, we will first provide insight into the sleeping behavior of your child. We look together at what you encounter and based on that information we will draw up a sleep plan.

This sleep plan is fully focused on your child and the problems you encounter. Then we go through everything step by step together so that you can get started. We often see improvement within a few days, but sometimes this can also take a few weeks.

We will assist you during this process and answer questions where necessary. If you opt for a separate consultation, you will get started with a sleep plan yourself. During the consultation you can then ask any questions and we will go through everything together. Together we go for more sleep!

The sleep coach for babies and children aged 0-4 years

Do you want to teach your baby or child to sleep again? At children's sleep coach Slaapkops we work with methods in which we teach your child to sleep again as much as possible without making it cry. When you use a sleep coach for your baby or a sleep coach for your child, you help the whole family. You will all benefit from more sleep and more energy.

We can work with babies and children who have trouble taking daytime naps or sleeping at night. Together we look at the method that suits you best as a family, because as soon as the method feels right, you can also go for it 100%. We often see the fastest results at such moments, with the result that the whole family can sleep well again!

In addition to all the information we teach you about how to handle it with your child, we also provide you with more information about the expectations you may have and the sleeping behavior appropriate to the age. The aim of the process is to teach your child to fall asleep independently. You can come to us as a sleep consultant from the age of 0. There is often no rhythm for the first few months, but we can work to optimize the circumstances, so that your child gets used to good sleeping habits right away. This prevents you from having to unlearn certain sleep associations at a later age. This allows you to benefit from the efforts you have made early on and you can enjoy a wonderful night's sleep again.

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